California Photo Trip and Upcoming Events / by Mike XVX

Hello my friends,

I'm currently on a solo photo trip on the coast of Northern California, and I've been finding some very unique and spooky places. I'm really excited to unveil what I've found, but for now I've been updating my instagram semi regularly with short posts about what I'm up to. If you'd like to follow along you can visit:

Speaking of unveiling, I've also been confirmed for another group art show at Vita Cafe throughout the month of October. Normally October is an employee-only art exhibition, but they've made an exception for yours truly, so huge thanks to the folks at Vita for the invitation! This group show will be running simultaneously with the show I'll be doing at Newspace for their On Democracy exhibition curated by Claartje van Dijk of the International Center for Photography in NYC. More of my events and appearances can be found here.

Thanks for taking the time, and hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Fall (personally my favorite time of year). 

Stay curious,