Fall is here - lots of exciting news!

Hey friends,

So Fall is finally here, which is easily my favorite time; October in particular. That being said, I usually find a lot more motivation to go out and shoot these months so I'll be adding a lot to my site this season.

Speaking of which, I just posted a handful of images to the Washington section of the site. Feel free to give that a look. I found some interesting places in Southern Washington on a short road trip I took with my friend Alyson the other day that I'm pretty excited about (her work can be viewed here: http://www.alysonbowen.com/).

So as Fall is a time for significant change, it's fitting that I received some great news for the coming year: 

First off, I was awarded my first ever solo show at a professional art gallery in Portland, OR. I can't announce the location yet, but I've been added to their 2018 calendar and the pressure is on to start prepping. This is a huge milestone for me and I'm very excited to have the creative space to put together a cohesive show for folks.

Secondly, I've been awarded an artist residency in the midwest, which actually starts in a few short weeks. I've been prepping for this trip for quite some time but now that I have a month left before I depart the weight of it is finally hitting. I'm selling off some prints from previous shows at a discount to help clear out some space and put some money away for this project. If you're interested I've posted a handful of them on my instagram: instagram.com/deadcitiesphoto. As always I can custom print any of my images by request, but I do have some that are already printed on museum quality fine art paper at a discount. Any sale, small or large, helps immensely as it clears out space and also ensures that I have the resources to really make a solid go of this trip. Send me an email if you're interested!

I hope you're enjoying the season. Aside from shooting photos my days have been filled with apple cider, skateboarding, horror movies and anything pumpkin related. Go out there and do something that scares you this month, I dare you.

Take care,


Anyone lose a shoe?

Anyone lose a shoe?