Gallery show is down, unfortunately the digital age still remains

Hey everybody,

Sadly my gallery show this month in Portland, OR has come and gone. I’m extremely happy with the turnout for the opening; thanks so much to everyone who came out! The engagement for my artist’s talk and the continued interest in my work has been incredibly motivating and inspiring.

For those that had not heard about this exhibition there is a good reason! I decided to keep the promotion for this exhibition personal and direct, as I’m willing to bet that most of you have had the experienced of being buried under a million Facebook event invites and mass emails. I tried to rely on digital communication as little as possible when promoting this exhibition, as I think that this fits in line with the overarching narrative of my work. As a result, I had the largest turnout for an event that I’ve organized in a long time, so maybe that says something about the effectiveness of technology that’s supposed to facilitate easier communication and interaction.

Unfortunately I need to return to the hear and now in terms of outreach, so if you’d like updates about my work (and want to see a little more of my process) feel free to follow me on Instagram. I also added an email list signup through the About section of the site.

Thanks so much for the ongoing support! Hope to see you all out in the real world some day soon.


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